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Inspired by the common intent to spread Italian music in the world, after two years of experiments and research on the most varied Italian music genres, Italian Ensemble started its international career by performing in London in May 2008.

The group was set up in 2008 by a few Orchestra members of the Massimo Bellini Theatre of Catania (Italy). It consists of six instruments: two violins, one viola, one cello, one contrabass and one guitar, to which a mandolin and a piano accordion may be added to the single arrangements of the musical pieces.

Since it has formed, its members have provided both nationally and internationally a musical journey through Italian musical tradition by performing arias, famous Italian film soundtracks and some of the most characteristic Italian songs. The musicians, all first parts of the orchestra, have collaborated with big names of the world of entertainment such as: Riccardo Muti, Salvatore Accardo, Andrea Bocelli, Giovanni Sollima, Dario Fo, Michael Nyman, Stewart Copeland, Swingle Singer, Claudio Baglioni, Franco Battiato, Nicola Piovani, Michael bolton,etc.

The Ensemble has been invited to present important musical events in Italy, such as 'Omaggio al tenore Giuseppe Di Stefano' [Tribute to tenor Giuseppe Di Stefano] in December 2009, in his home town Motta Sant'Anastasia, they have performed in different national and international festivals and become very successful with public and critics.

In April 2011, on the occasion of the 150 anniversary of the, in collaboration with four dancers from Massimo Bellini Theatre of Palermo and of a soprano, the Ensemble performed in their first world vision at the Teatro Massimo Bellini of Catania in 'Passeggiata Musicale Italiana' [Italian musical walk], a musical show of the most representative Italian music and songs. In October 2011 the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano thanked and congratulated the Ensemble for the celebrations of the 150 anniversary of Unification of Italy.

Italian Ensemble recorded in December 2008 their first musical CD 'From Opera to the Italian Popular Song', with its outstanding original arrangements of Italian traditional songs, arias, and film soundtracks.

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2 gennaio 2015
ITALIAN ENSEMBLE - Concerto di Capodanno
Teatro "Vittoria Colonna"
VITTORIA (RG) ore 21:00
Italian Ensemble - Concerto di Capodanno 2015
3 gennaio 2015
Teatro Garibaldi
MODICA (RG) ore 21:00


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From Opera to the Italian Popular Song
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